2022 Tennis Programs

Tennis Anyone?

Suffield Tennis at SCC wants to get you into the swing of things by helping you find players of similar skill and schedule to play tennis with at the club.  If you could use a little help finding a group, or would like to find more opportunities to play, please let us know.  Please send an email to Mary Fuller mjfuller@cox.net and let her know of your interest.

Open Play is for members. We’d love to have you join. If you know a member, they can bring guests (see cost section for details). If you don’t know a member but want to play and learn more about the club before joining, contact any board member (see Tennis Board & Key Contacts section) or for combined golf & tennis, talk to the SCC Pro, Stan McClennan.

Daily Program

June 20 – July 29 (6 weeks), Monday – Friday.  No classes Monday July 4.

Rookies (ages 5 – 6), 12:10 – 1:00 pm

Basic movement, hitting, balance and FUN!  Learn to love this game.  Primarily uses “red” lower compression balls for earlier success!

(Min 3 players; max 12)

Future Stars (ages 7 – 11), 1:00 – 2:00 pm

Designed for beginning juniors.  Special drills & games present fundamentals in an exciting way that builds hand-eye coordination, basic tennis strokes and love of the game.  Program uses a combination of red, orange and green balls.  Students must be able to carry on a sustained rally with a green-dot ball on a 60’ court in order to advance to the Junior Team Level.

(Max 18 players)

Junior Team (ages 11 – 15), 2:00 – 3:15 pm

Game improvement clinics and match play.

(Max 16 players)

  • SCC Tennis Member: $299
  • SCC Non-Tennis Member $319
  • SCC Guest $409

Registration Deadline: June 13th

Please call Enfield Tennis Club 860-698-6503 for credit card payment (or mail check to the address below)

Registration Form can be scanned and emailed to enfieldtennisclub@gmail.com (or mailed to ETC, 226 Shaker Road, Enfield, CT  06082)

Unregistered drop-ins 1st day of program will not be accepted

August 8th-11th   (Ages 8-14)

Time: 9 am – 12 noon

•             SCC Member: $150

•             SCC Guest: $179

Registration Deadline: August 3rd (Please call Enfield Tennis at 860.698.6503 to register.)

Mixed Doubles Tennis Mixer

Friday, June 3, 2022

Time: 5 pm – 8 pm

Fee: $5.00/member, $10.00/non-member, payable at the door

Please join us for Mixed Doubles Tennis on Friday, June 3.  Suffield Tennis will organize a round robin format of mixed doubles for the evening, providing an opportunity to play and socialize with your friends.  No worries if you need a partner, we will find you one!  Please RSVP to Mary Fuller mjfuller@cox.net and let her know if you are coming and who will be playing tennis (i.e., one partner plays the other does not).  Please do not hesitate to come join us for the socializing even if you are not playing.

Please bring a beverage for yourself and snacks to share if you’re inclined. The club will provide balls, paper goods and some of our favorite snacks!

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Men’s Adult Programs

Men’s Team

Tom Bishop is the captain for our men’s team in the Greater Hartford tennis league. Contracted scheduled practice time is Saturday 7-8:30am.

Interested in joining? You can email Tom at bishop293@cox.net

Men’s 65+

Dave Merrill is the captain for our 65+ men’s group. Contracted scheduled practice time is Saturday 10:30-12 noon.

Interested in joining? You can email Dave at syrfan12345@yahoo.com

Men’s group play

There are several Men’s Groups Playing during the week as well. To learn more on where might be best for you, contact Raj Ghosh, rajghosh@gmail.com

You can also look at our online reservation system. Contact Becky Tobiasz with any general questions, 860-245-9232.

Women’s Adult Programs

Women’s Team

Caroline Sarner is the captain for our women’s team. Contracted scheduled practice time is Saturday 8:45 – 10:15 am.

Interested in joining? You can email Caroline at carolinesarner@gmail.com or call Becky Tobiasz 860-245-9232.

Women’s group play

There are several Women’s Groups Playing during the week as well. To learn more on where might be best for you, contact Mary Fuller, mjfuller@cox.net

You can also look at our online reservation system. You can also call Becky Tobiasz, 860-245-9232.

Working to determine the best Day and time. So, if interested, give us a call, and let us know of your availability. We are currently looking for a weekend timeslot that works well and doesn’t conflict with the team play Saturday morning.

The Suffield Tennis Membership Fee of $350 covers your family for the 2022 season and includes use of a tennis ball machine, access to the property for tennis events and of course lots of tennis and fun upcoming events. Please make your check payable to The Suffield Racquet Club and mail it to:

The Suffield Racquet Club
PO BOX 266
Suffield, CT 06078

Family includes you, your partner, and your children.

Members may bring guests. One free guest per month per member. After that the guest fee is $10.00 per person.

All guests must be accompanied by a member. The member is responsible to mail it in, turn it in to any board member or event coordinator.

There may be additional fees for events where an instructor, food, tennis balls, or other items are supplied.

Suffield Country Club tennis is played on three outdoor green clay courts that are top-dressed with Har-Tru material each spring.  Courts are open daily from mid-May through October from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm.

This is a casual club and there are not many rules. The rules we have are largely common sense. We welcome new ideas. Feel free to contact any member of the committee to discuss ideas for improving the club, express concerns, request clarification.

We have an easy-to-adhere-to dress code, which we’ve found allows us to be casual and expressive while still being respective of others. Here it is:

1. We ask that everyone wear a shirt.

2. We ask that clothing not be offensive.

3. We ask that appropriate footwear be worn to protect our playing surfaces, i.e SMOOTH SOLES. Running and workout shoes have soles that are too aggressive and will damage clay courts. Making repairs to the courts is time consuming, sometimes expensive, and renders the courts unusable until the work is finished.

4. Junior playing in matches encouraged to wear whites, or blue and white.

To make the season more fun for everyone, please cancel your court reservations on the computer system promptly when you do not intend to use the court. It can be helpful to others even if you cancel only an hour before your reservation starts. For those who want a court when they are all booked it is a good idea to check the reservation calendar frequently.

Please sweep the court when you are done playing.

For your safety and the enjoyment of the players, do not cross behind the court while the ball is in play. Please use the doors at each corner.

Non-playing children and pets should be kept off the courts, relatively quiet and under control, while others are playing.

Do not play against the backboard during tournaments.

Please come join us at board meetings, food, drink, and a beautiful view on the deck at the SCC restaurant, 341 North Main Grille.  If you would like to have an item on the agenda please contact Becky Tobiasz, 860-245-9232. We have no regular meeting day/time but gather as desired.

Becky Tobiasz – President, general coordination between adult programs & building maintenance: beckytobiasz@gmail.com or 860-245-9232

Keith Fuller – Vice President: kfuller@keithfullerlaw.com

Raj Ghosh – Treasurer, Men’s Play & sprinkler timing: rajghosh@gmail.com

Becky Zenczak – Youth tennis program & membership: rebethay@cox.net

Mary Fuller – Social chair & women’s groups: mjfuller@cox.net

Ted Ruddock – Member at large: ted.ruddock@gmail.com

Alan Farenholtz – Consultant, rolling expert: almarincaf@aol.com

Dave Merrill – 65+ group: syrfan12345@yahoo.com

Caroline Sarner – Women’s team: carolinesarner@gmail.com

Tom Bishop Men’s Team: bishop293@cox.net

Stan McLennan, golf with tennis membership: stanmclennan@sbcglobal.net

Membership Information